Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez, an honor roll student with a loving family, dies at 10

In memory of:

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez

Born: Nov 29, 2011, Uvalde, TX
Died: May 24, 2022, Uvalde, TX
Age: 10

Annabell was a quiet child and an earnest student, having earned her place on the school’s honor roll.

She was cousins, classmates and close friends with Jackie Cazares, another victim.

“We are a very tight family,” Polly Flores, Annabell’s great aunt and Jackie’s aunt, told The New York Times. “It’s just devastating.”

-- from the Texas Tribune

Hours before the shooting, Annabell received an honor roll certificate for outstanding academic achievement. 

Polly Flores, Annabell’s great aunt, told The New York Times that she was a very outgoing little girl who loved to be the center of attention. “She was my little diva,” Flores said.

“They are all gone now,” said Javier Cazares, father of Annabell’s cousin Jacklyn. 

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Author: Sofia Briones