Rojelio Fernandez Torres, a smart and loving son who loved the outdoors, dies at 10

In memory of:

Rojelio Fernandez Torres

Born: Dec 06, 2011, Uvalde, TX
Died: May 24, 2022, Uvalde, TX
Age: 10

A large stuffed Yoda, along with a Batman-themed football and several stuffed animals, greeted loved ones at Rojelio’s memorial at the town square.

On the cross with his name, one child had written,“You were a good friend” with smiley faces for the two O’s in “good.” Others kept it simple. “Sup Rojelio,” another message read.

Family members and friends have made their profile pictures an illustration of Rojelio. He was remembered as a smart and loving son.

“I lost a piece of my heart,” his mother, Evadulia Orta, told ABC News.

-- from the Texas Tribune

10-year-old Rojelio Torres is described as a very smart and loving child. You could always find him snacking on his favorite hot chips, Takis. He loved to play football, video games, and loved Pokemon. 

Every morning he rode the bus to school. He liked to sit in the back because that is where the “visiting” happens. His bus driver, Josie Albrecht, brought a toy school bus to his memorial. She placed it next to his cross and wrote “I love you and will miss you” and drew a small heart in his favorite place to sit, in the back.

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Author: Sofia Briones