Signs of spring at Presa Street Community Garden

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The Presa Street Community Garden just got a boost and a spruce-up from various fraternities and sororities from Trinity University.

Besides weeding and pruning back old plants, the group created new paths in the garden and fixed older paths. They also spent time cleaning out and organizing a storage shed filled with old planters, gardening tools and supplies for signage used to disguingish plants.

Lettuce, sage and rosemary are already growing and ready for harvesting in different plots. The garden is located on South Presa Street, in the Lavaca neighborhood.

Justin Parr, owner of Flight Gallery, who also lives near the garden, stopped by to help. "I've been volunteering here for years. In the summer, I defintely eat from this garden."

Marc Toppel, the garden manager, said that even though the garden doesn't get much help from members in that area, the community is still welcome to partake in its produce. However, he said he would like to see more people come out and help.

Presa Street Community Garden is one of the larger gardens in the Green Spaces Alliance, takeing up an area a bit larger than a residential home lot. The Alliance is a nonprofit organizartion dedicated to keeping South Texas green and educating the public and "fostering community gardens." There are 26 community gardens in San Antonio, with more being planned.

The next workday at the Presa Street garden is scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon March 6. For more information and to get involved, check out the garden's Google Group.