Dogs and Kites at "Fest of Tails"

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San Antonio Friends of the Parks kicked off the spring season with the fourth annual “Fest of Tails” event, where people brought their kites and dogs along for a fun-filled day in the sun.
The free event took place on March 27 in the dog park area of the 976-acre McAllister Park.
The Alamo Kite Fliers Outfit (TAKO) provided a “kite hospital” to assist fliers with kite problems.
Kites, kite string, food and drinks were also available for purchase.
Although attendees were responsible for picking up after their own dogs, event volunteers walked around the park to make sure it was clear.
Kites were in the air and everywhere by the afternoon. Dogs were in costume -- their masters hoping for the “best-dressed” or “most-looks-like-owner” awards.
Families gathered on picnic blankets, munching on food while the little ones watched in excitement as kites took off with the wind.
Gary Powell, an affiliate of TAKO, calls himself “the official kite guy.” As an experienced kite flier, he helped provide expertise and keep things safe.
“These big kites can be quite dangerous,” he said. “If somebody gets in there and gets wrapped in one of those kite lines they can be hurt very badly.”
Two large gecko kites flew for a while until the wind died down and the air went almost still. This made it difficult for other fliers as well, but that didn’t stop them from trying.
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