New Video: Restoring the San Antonio River Ecosystem in the River Road Area

River Road study area

Updated Dec. 13: River Road residents met with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Dec. 3 to hear options for restoring the aquatic ecosystem in their neighborhood, the most natural remaining segment of the San Antonio River.

Alternatives outlined in the meeting ranged from doing nothing to modifying or replacing low water crossings or reconfiguring or partially removing River Road.

It was the second meeting between neighbors and the the Army Corps of Engineers, who were brought in by the San Antonio River Authority to study the feasibility of restoring the ecosystem for the River Road reach of the San Antonio River between East Mulberry Avenue and U.S. Highway 281.

Thanks to sponsorship from River Road neighbors Gemma Kennedy and Patricia Pratchett, anyone can watch video of the Dec. 3 meeting here. (Scroll down for more information and to see video from the Aug. 13. meeting)

During a presentation at the meeting, agency representatives said the Army Corps would issue a decision on the plan by mid-2020 and issue a final feasibility and environmental assessment by late 2020. Construction could cost $13.5 million, with the Army Corps of Engineers paying 65 percent and a local partner paying 35 percent.

Residents have until Jan. 3 to submit comments in writing by email to or by mail to Justyss Watson, Biologist, Environmental Branch, Regional Planning and Environmental Center, 819 Taylor Street., P.O. Box 17300, Room 3A12, Fort Worth, TX 76102-300.

Watch video from the Aug. 13, 2019 meeting here:


Here is the timeline from the Dec. 3, 2019 presentation:

San Antonio River Road Reach timeline