Written by Texas Tribune on Nov 22, 2021
By Erin Douglas, The Texas Tribune HOUSTON — When Brenda Compton, 73, was a child living in a tight-knit Black neighborhood of northeast Houston, the smell of chemicals was constant, she said. The soil was discolored. She remembers the rainbow sheen on the water running in the drainage ditches. “…
Written by Denise Guerra on Nov 09, 2021
Do you want to make an impact on how the city of San Antonio recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic? By attending public input hearings hosted by the city you can!  The city of San Antonio was awarded $326.9 million by the federal government through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for the…
Written by Texas Tribune on Nov 08, 2021
By Alexa Ura, The Texas Tribune Opening a second front in widening legal wars over redistricting, a coalition of mostly Hispanic, Democratic members of the Texas House filed suit in state court Wednesday challenging the constitutionality of the new political map for the state House.
Written by Texas Tribune on Oct 29, 2021
By Brian Lopez, The Texas Tribune A Republican state lawmaker has launched an investigation into Texas school districts over the type of books they have, particularly if they pertain to race or sexuality or "make students feel discomfort."
Written by Texas Tribune on Oct 27, 2021
By Allyson Waller, The Texas Tribune Texas’ transgender student athletes will be restricted from playing on K-12 school sports teams that align with their gender identity under a bill Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law Monday.
Written by Texas Tribune on Oct 20, 2021
By Alexa Ura, The Texas Tribune Before they’ve even been signed into law, Texas’ new maps for Congress and the statehouse are being challenged in court for allegedly discriminating against Latino voters.
Written by Sofia Briones on Oct 15, 2021
NOWCastSA created this resource page after a state agency removed a webpage of resources for LGBTQ youth. Check this list of LGBTQ+ resources to find the support and help you need to navigate life's challenges.
Written by Texas Tribune on Oct 15, 2021
Texas’ child welfare agency removed a webpage that offered resources to LGBTQ youth following complaints by one of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s GOP primary challengers, according to internal agency communications. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services webpage, which provides…
Written by Vivian Lopez on Oct 13, 2021
Here is a list of resources from Texas organizations that will help you stay involved and informed about redistricting as Texas legislators redraw congressional and state legislative district boundaries. Texas in particular has been found in the past to intentionally discriminate against people of…
Written by Vivian Lopez on Oct 11, 2021
Few people in San Antonio know about the indigenous tribe who roamed what is now Hemisfair and San Pedro Springs area.  Before San Antonio was given its current name, it was called Yanaguana and was inhabited by the Payaya. The Payaya predates the Spanish settlement on the San Antonio River, and…