San Antonio mayor kicks off library summer reading program

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While Mayor Julian Castro urged families to sign up for the San Antonio Public Library's Summer Reading Program, his 13-month-old daughter Carina was way ahead of him. 

She wandered the stacks of books on the Central Library's 3rd floor children's reading area, finally deciding on a brightly-colored book about butterflies to carry back to her mother, Erica Castro.

"We started reading to Carina almost immediately and now she comes up to us, holding a book," Mayor Castro said. "Sometimes 20 times a day."

In kicking off the library system's summer reading program that is open for toddlers to 18-year-olds, the mayor emphasized the importance of keeping up reading skills through the summer break.

"I encourage families across San Antonio to help their children improve their reading skills. We know that young people who do not read during the summer experience a substantial reduction in reading skills," he said. "Besides, it's fun."

The reading program for kids runs through July 31. Young people can sign up at or at their local libraries. Each participant completing the program will get a book to keep. 

In addition, the library offers free activities for kids. A complete list of events is available on the library's website.

Watch Mayor Castro's announcement: