Hotel workers hold flea market to protest health care costs

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Workers of the Grand Hyatt hotel in San Antonio held an "I-Can't-Afford-My-Healthcare-Pulga" in conjunction with the San Antonio Unite Here! chapter.

The pulga, or flea market, was held Jan. 29 to protest the Grand Hyatt's health insurance program, which workers say is too expensive and continues to increase in cost.

In this video, the workers talk about the health care issue. Maria Soto, a housekeeper at the Grand Hyatt, said she cannot afford to pay for the health insurance the Hyatt provides. George Ibarra, a cook at the Grand Hyatt, said only about one-third of cooks are able to pay for health insurance.

At the pulga, the workers sold various items such as tamales, champurrado, a traditional Mexican chocolate drink, and dish towels to raise money.